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Multi-colored default replacement eyes.

Subtle color variation with a smaller iris and pupil than the first set of default replacement eyes.  Because of the smaller irises, these also include new whites, plus bonus replacement teeth.  If you've replaced the EA skintone, be sure to check that the faces don't include their own eye whites or teeth.

Remember that you can only have one set of eyes installed at a time.

Green Example
Blue Example
Brown Example
Whites and Teeth


Default replacement eyes.

Green Example
Blue Example
Comparison Picture


Default replacement skintone; available in several variations to mix and match as you see fit.  Toddler-Elder included.

Follow this link for more information and previews.  Link contains simulated nudity.

Full Anatomical Set
Full Barbie Set

Bodies Only - Anatomical
Bodies Only - Barbie

Faces Only: Toddler-Elder

Male Faces Only
Female Faces Only

Male Bodies - Anatomical
Male Bodies - Barbie
Female Bodies - Anatomical
Female Bodies - Barbie

Credit where credit is due:
Rensim, for most of the female body
Enayla, for the oh so luscious bottom lip and knees
Ephermera, for the lusty collarbones and most of the male body, plus the upper lips for both genders

Slimmed T-Shirt for  Teen and Adult Males

Gives males more 'shape.'
Also removes bumpmapping on upper sleeves; doesn't affect shape of larger sims.   New texture.

Download Adult T-shirt
Download Adult T-shirt with Necklace
Download Teen T-shirt

Default Replacement Paintings

Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3
Preview 4
Preview 5

The thumbnails will still contain the original EAxis paintings, but they should go up on the walls correctly. If they don't, simply choose another frame recolor and it should show up as the new painting. You can always re-design the fame, of course. To uninstall, simply remove the package file: Gelydh_TS3_PaintingsReplacements_V1.package.

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