Aug. 7th, 2010

aikea_guinea: (TS3 - Jacob - Smirk)
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[personal profile] gelydh converted these pills by Nixy many moons ago. I'm posting them because she keeps forgetting to release them. There are three variations of the mesh.

Found under Decorative - Misc. I have no idea how much they cost, but not a whole lot.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you're not claiming you made them or putting it on paysites of any kind. Original mesh and textures by Nixy.

Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."


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