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The Cure have consistantly been one of my all-time favorite bands. When I was growing up, my bedroom walls were plastered with posters, magazine clippings, and other various cure-related sundries. Now, they can slip into the background for awhile, quietly living in my memories until something reminds me of how much I loved them. I was watching Pearl Jam unplugged earlier today when I remembered how kick ass the Cure's Unplugged session was, and started watching all sorts of their videos again.

This is just a really long-winded way of me saying 'I made a (young) Robert Smith sim today.' I haven't done any sort of hair mesh for him, so you'll have to make do with whatever.



The rest are in-game shots.

With make up.

Can be a bit crazy.

Real (young) Robert Smith.

He wore his pants really high. And they were ugly. In a good way.

-Good Sense of Humor
-Heavy Sleeper

-Rock Star (duh)


Made with the following sliders:
-Head Shape Slider
-Cleft Chin Slider
-Facial Sliders by Ahmad (Not sure of the exact ones apart from the chin width and brow thickness.)

You might have to have Ambitions for this to work; I'm not 100% sure, however. Don't reupload this sim anywhere else and claim you made him; that's just mean. I'm running towards nothing again and again and again and again...

Download Sims3Pack

Download Sim File

I feel like such a dork. XD
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