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It's a veritable downloadapalooza here today...

Finally finished up the Dr. Who items I was working on forever and a day ago. This set includes a TARDIS, Dalek, K-9, Dalek poster, three shirts, and... a pair of jeans. They have little Union Jacks on the butt, so they're related. We'll say.

Decorative Dalek: costs 300 simoleons, found under decorative - misc. Sorry for the craptacular texture; I could only do so much with what I had. :/ At least I replaced the balls with nice round ones. Non-recolorable due to texture issues. 5,465 polys at highest LOD.

Decorative K-9: costs 125 simoleons, found under decorative - misc. Same deal with the texture on this one as with the dalek. None-recolorable. 2,470 polys at highest LOD.

TARDIS: doesn't cost anything, because it's 'borrowed.' Found under decorative - misc. Non-recolorable, because she should really only be that beautiful blue. 2416 polys at highest LOD.

Dalek Victory poster: costs 15 simoleons, found under decorative - wall hangings.

The Doctor's coat rack. All shirts shown with my default replacement mesh and textures; they may look different in your game.


You never forget your first doctor.

Jeans - Front. These come with three preselected colors.

Jeans - Back.

TARDIS, Dalek, and K-9 originally for TS2 by; Dalek Victory image from; shirt images from and Do whatever you want with these as long as you keep said whatever the hell off paysites. Is this how time normally passes – really slowly, in the right order?

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