Apr. 1st, 2011 04:48 pm
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I've wanted to join in on one of Garden of Shadows'sss's'sss's Sim Challenges for ages, but lately have had a trouble finding the spare time to do so. Thankfully, Real Life is taking a break for a few weeks (it'll be back soon, however...) so I was able to join in on March's Prompt.

I originally intended to go a more obvious direction with the Morpheus prompt, making a Sandman sim (and my husband suggested I go with Morpheus from The Matrix), but then, lately -- and as usual -- I've been having a really horrible time sleeping. When I finally do manage to sleep, I'm either having terrible nightmares or dreams so vivid I wake up exhausted from them. (The other night I dreamt I fell asleep, so even my dreamself is tired.) Anyway, that made me think my own Dream God is a bit of an ass, but also kinda cool, sometimes amusing, and always insane.

He's evil, flirty, insane, artistic, and dramatic. His lifetime wish is to have a bottomless wine cellar, because... that's actually my dream. His favorites are Black, Classical, and Fish n Chips (I... have no idea), and he's a Leo (also no idea).

Custom Content Used

- Fangs, Fingernails, Blood, and Eyeshadow all by me. Woo!

- Hair by Cazy

- Oh My Eyes contacts, by Escand

- Epsilon Brows by Haleane (Oh how I miss you... ♥)

The skintone is (the still unfinished and unreleased) V2 of my skintone, but he should look fine with just about any default replacement skintone. I swear I'm not keeping it to myself to be mean, I'm just so damned lazy...

He was made with all the EPs and a couple stuff packs installed, so I'm not sure what that means for people downloading him. I made sure to pack him up in basegame clothing, though he's shown in an outfit from the Store.

ALSO! I have a metric shit-ton of sliders installed, and I honestly can't remember which ones I used on him, plus I'm running AM with x4 on all sliders. Basically, I think he should show up fine if you don't have the sliders, just don't try to modify him. :X

Please don't claim you made him. Otherwise, feel free to use him for whatever you want; it's about time the sadistic bastard got a taste of his own medicine.

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