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If you guys are anything like me, the Decorative section of your in-game catalog is a mess of random clutter where that one tiny item you really want for a picture is lost among empty liquor bottles and trash. Thankfully, now that we have collections available there's a way to clean that mess up just a bit without actually losing anything: putting items into collections and then hiding the item from the catalog. I've seen this done with TS2 items, and am glad I can finally bring it over to TS3. It's so insanely easy, both to hide and unhide items, that anyone with S3PE can do their own clean up. Creators can also use this to provide two different versions of their items. (In fact, I wish I'd been able to use this way of catalog-hiding when I released my poison bottles rather than making them twice.)

Step One:
When in the game, add your items to a collection. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, since if you don't have the collection you won't be able to place the items at a later time since they won't be showing up in the catalog. Keep track of what you're putting in the collection, then exit out of the game.

Step Two:

Open your package in S3PE, find the OBJD file, select it, then click 'Grid' at the bottom.

Step Three:

In the Data Grid, click the little plus sign next to CommonBlock to expand it. Then, click the little plus sign next to BuildBuyProductStatusFlags to expand that. Finally, select ShowInCatalog and click on the drop-down menu.

Step Four:

Change the 'True' to 'False.'

Step Five:

In order for the duplicate tool to be useable with hidden objects, go to movement flags>HandToolCanDuplicateWhenHiddenInCatalog and set to true. Click 'commit,' then save.

(Huge amounts of thanks and cookies to the anon who figured this step out!)

That's it! Your object is now hidden from the catalog, yet available for placement via the collection file. If you keep your packages merged, you'll have to remerge the changed file to include the update. If you use CCMagic to merge your files, you'll have to do whatever you do when you update files with that. If you ever feel like having the item show up in the catalog again, simply change your 'False' back to 'True.'

HUGE THANKS to the anon who actually figured all this out!!
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