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Apr. 14th, 2017 07:13 pm
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I happened to mention girl!Freddie AU tangentially in an email thread about historical-setting AUs, and as usual I am now overflowing with feels.

* if you set that AU at almost any point in the 21st century, I'd be really handwobbly about the "girl!" descriptor? I mean, for all that any AFAB version of Freddie Lyon would have a much more DIFFICULT life, I can't imagine any such iteration identifying as male, or even particularly masculine of center -- I think in ANY decade the relevant gender identity is "fuck you" -- but if given the option to slide all over the presentation spectrum AND use nonbinary pronouns, most iterations would be all over that. Mostly on grounds of "if you don't want to refer to me as 'they', I don't want to waste any time being polite to you."

But the 1950s version doesn't really have access to that conceptual vocabulary? So she goes by "she." Still likes to fuck with her presentation, though -- Freddie CANONICALLY is much more aware of his own gender performance than any of the other male characters; this version could actually go toe to toe with Marnie if 1950s Trad Femme weren't incredibly uncomfortable for her. (And might actually do so, at some point -- oh holy fuck, though, she DOES. Country house weekend. She borrows a dress and makeup and spends all of dinner DEMONSTRATING that she was socialized by Lady Elms, mostly because she's feeling incredibly cruel towards everyone.)

She comes back from France with a Jean Seberg haircut, and just has so many feelings about As You Like It.

* her full name is actually Sheila Fredericka Lyon. Being called Sheila by anyone at all makes her furious, being called Sheila by anyone other than her father makes her ACT on said fury, explosively.

* she is -- as in fact I read canon!Freddie -- bisexual, angry about it, and really trying to concentrate on the part where the great love relationships of her life have been with women. Unlike canon!Freddie, she spends a lot of time blatantly stealing Lix's mannerisms, because that actually hurts less than ALL the other options.

... if you just went "OHHHHHH SHIT" at the thought of what happens when she bumps into Randall, congratulations, I have been doing that more or less continuously since 2013. Especially since I'm pretty sure that Lix tipped them off to each other's existence and completely didn't include any details. The day they meet is the closest Randall has yet come to falling off the wagon.

(Camille is totally still a thing! Camille is also totally aware that Freddie's internal compass points straight to London, and really, no.)

* a lot of Bel's PROBLEM, once it comes up, stems directly from the whole thing where Freddie is in IMMEDIATE gut-deep sympathy with Kiki, strongly believes Hector might have done it, is saying all kinds of things guaranteed to get Bel square in the mother issues...

... a lot of Freddie's PROBLEM is that for complex reasons Laurie comes into play a lot earlier, and NOPE NOPE NOPE in the first place fuck all male coppers and in the second place holy SHIT this one is WRONG IN THE SOUL there is clearly something WRONG with any man willing to get close to him, holy SHIT obviously your taste in men is generally rotten but do not fucking get involved with Hector Madden, well fuck.

* part of abovementioned complex reasons: Freddie isn't the Brightstone, Hector is.

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Apr. 14th, 2017 04:29 pm
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God, I miss del.icio.us. (Is this the distinguishing cry of the fan-individual of a certain generation? I think it is.)

(I am craving a few very specific flavors of porn, preferably something I haven't read yet. I am not going into detail, because first of all I don't want to, and second because while I usually appreciate recs, I mean VERY specific, and I'd feel guilty and over-picky if someone recced me something that wasn't it. But I already know of like two stories that ARE what I want, so if del.icio.us were still around, I could tag-trawl anyone else who had those bookmarked, and then maybe I'd find new stuff.)

(Okay: this is the one I own up to. There are others.)

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Apr. 12th, 2017 11:18 pm
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1. Changed my journal style again, because (I'm not holding my breath but) a lot of Learthing stuff connected in my head earlier on the bus home from the RMV, and at least one piece of mental casting I've been relying on for AGES is probably incredibly wrong.

(Another music incident. I went lateral from "Episode Of Blonde". If anyone remembers back when I was wittering about that dystopian AU for The Hour, I am not going back through those posts right now but it connects.)

2. cut for body image and food stuff, mixed/not entirely negative )

3. Lulu has been increasingly bold with the forays out of her room. We're not letting her out unsupervised, because she gets into EVERYTHING and she has a definite inclination to chew power cords, but while she doesn't RELAX in our room or the upstairs landing, she's very interested in exploring.

And she really wants to be friends with Nessa. Like. REALLY. (Nessa is apparently having an existential crisis over the idea of other cats, and has been hissing and growling every time Lulu comes near her. Lulu has never seemed actually intimidated by the sound effects -- and she's a former-feral who was crated in the shelter because the other cats were freaking her out, so I trust her "not a threat" judgment -- and by now she keeps right on walking up to Nessa and chirruping. Neither of them has made a move that could remotely be interpreted as aggressive, so we're just letting them work it out under loose supervision.)

4. I need a new-to-me fandom. I don't currently have the spoons to keep up with one. I am become frustrate. (I'm kicking around the POSSIBILITIES of Into the Badlands, Harlots, and Black Sails, but right now what I'm actually WATCHING is about eight episodes of My Family per day because the BBC hasn't caught up yet with whoever dumped the entire thing onto youtube. I like Zoe Wanamaker, okay, and I find mediocre English sitcoms weirdly soothing even when I have to skip huge chunks because embarrassment squick.)

5. TFW you abruptly know exactly what your daemon looks like.
Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."


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