Dec. 21st, 2010

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I started these with the intention of releasing them for the GoS advent project, but didn't finish them before now. No big deal, really, since it's not like I really needed to have them done what with all the other elventy billion mostly-done projects I had to draw on...

Anyway, this is a conversion of Wood For Sims' TS2 'Nostalgia' living room set, which was one of my favorites. I have to say I like it in TS3 even better. It contains a sofa, loveseat, comfy chair, rocking chair, side table, single-tile coffee table, and television. (Just for the record, I didn't convert the bookshelf because I don't really like it.) Previews show default color selections.

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Do whatever you want with these as long as you're not claiming you made it or putting it on paysites of any kind. Credit to Wood For Sims for the original meshes. Let’s start making maps out of all the dead skin...


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This is one of those things I've wanted since the release of TS3, but only just now got around to finishing up. I know there was a version of this released ages upon ages ago, but as far as I'm aware that one didn't morph right, and probably had some uv mapping issues as well as it was a simple numerical conversion rather than a new mesh.

This, by contrast, is a new mesh. I scaled the male sneakers down a bit, matched the upper line of vertices to the female legs, and redid the uv mapping so you can use any pattern socks or stocking with these without having tiling problems. They're available for everyday and athletic wear.

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Do whatever you want with these as long as you're not claiming you made it or putting it on paysites of any kind. EA mesh and textures, tweaked by me. Inflict the worst of pleasures to make it all feel better.


That's it from me (individually and directly, at any rate) until after the new year. Hope everyone has a satisfactory, non-denominational capitalist, wintertime gift-giving season!
Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."


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