Jul. 30th, 2012

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It appears that while I was on vacation with my family (my mom and dad, my husband, one of my sisters, my two brothers, two nieces, two nephews, a pair of in-laws, and one girlfriend!), Club Crimsyn officially hit and then went over the goal for this donation drive!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank each and every person who donated. Even the smallest amount helped, and it means so much to me that so many people donated.

Because I hate asking for money, this coming year I'm going to just leave a tip jar up in the sticky post. That way, people can toss some change our way whenever, and hopefully it'll add up and help off-set hosting fees.

♥ Thank you all again so much! ♥
Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."


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