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I find myself liking a lot of the store items EA puts out, but there's always something annoying enough to keep me from really REALLY liking the stuff. This top is really cute, and I love the mesh, but I thought it was really silly to have included the gloves as part of the texture now that we have glove accessories.

So, I edited them out. Stupid-easy, but I figured maybe someone else would be interested in it.

This is for Adult Females, and does require the original store file to show up. It is not a replacement. You can find it at the official store as part of the Loud, Fast, Crash! set, and elsewhere.

Texture and mesh are EA; all I did was alpha-edit out the redundant gloves. Seriously, guys... this isn't TS2. Does it make you nervous when you hear my bones animate my body without my soul?

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