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You know, most of the default hair meshes that came with TS3 aren't really all that bad. I decided that I really love the hair texture I came up with, so I thought I'd start working it onto the base game meshes that are more or less just taking up space for me at this point.

I wasn't really sure how to get previews of these, but trust me that they really do look good in all natural colors. I've done four male and two female hairs so far, and do have plans to tackle several more before all is said and done. Suggestions of what you'd like to see retextured are appreciated, though no promises are made that I'll actually get around to fixing them up.

I did an alpha edit of the male 'emo' hair, and have included that as a bonus of sorts. I have a thing for partially shaved hairstyles, ok?!

The chances are we've gone too far... )

Do whatever you want with these, but keep it off paysites and don't claim the work as your own. Our valued destiny comes to nothing. I can't tell you where we're going; I guess there's just no way of knowing.

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When TS3 was first released, I messed around with one of the hairs just to see how things worked. Back then, it was a default replacement and used the game's textures, and was generally just very experimental. I spent some time last week getting it fixed up with a new texture and a LOD 1 and 2 that actually match LOD 0, and now I'm releasing it into the wild. Fly free, little hair! Fly free!

Er... anyway... it's available for Teen-Elder males, and is a stand-alone mesh.

Sweet boy if they find you out... )

Do whatever you want, just keep it off paysites and don't claim you made it. Textures were originally by Sims2Heaven, but heavily edited by me. Don't say morning's come, don't say it's up to me.

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Bosie did a bitchin' version of this hair for TS2, and I decided I wanted it for TS3, so... here it is. I know there's a conversion of this mesh for females already, but I don't think anyone did a male version. At any rate, even if they did, here it is again.

The channels on this are set up so you can have oddly colored bangs if you want, but normal colors look fine as well. You can change the color of the bangs using the Root channel; all other channels remain normal.

And all my bones began to shake... )

Do whatever you want with this, just keep it off paysites (including TSR). Credit to Raon for the original TS2 mesh and textures, and Bosie for the original idea. Extra thanks to TumTum and Cazy for a fix for bad alphas! No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone.

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A random hair for you, which should be perfect for those sims who like to cut their own hair without using a mirror. This is a control and alpha edit of TumTum Simiolino's conversion of Anto 75, available for teen-elder.

The channels on this are a bit twisted around, but I did that on purpose. The base channel is still the base channel, as are the highlights, but the 'roots' are now the tips and the 'tips' are the streaks. Now that I've given this more thought, that was a pretty stupid way to do it. Next time it'll make a little more sense.

How could I forget..? )

Do whatever you want with this, just keep it off paysites (including TSR). Credit to Anto ( for the original TS2 mesh and textures, and TumTum for the brilliant conversion. New alpha and control are by me. Clearly I remember picking on the boy; seemed a harmless little fuck.

This is a not a stand-alone file; you must get TumTum's conversion for this to work. This will not overwrite his alpha or control textures, so you'll be able to have the original natural version as well as this one.


TumTum's Anto 75 Conversion
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As requested by [personal profile] missbonbon over on GoS, I've converted the TS2 faux hawk for TS3. I've also done a variation that's not quite as 'faux,' with shaved back and sides. These will function independently of one another, so if you only want one and not the other, you shouldn't have any problems.

In-game previews behind a bloated corpse in the old warehouse... )

These are for teen-elder males only at this time. Not sure if I'm motivated enough to fit these to females, so if anyone out there wants to give it a try, you've got my blessing.

Download Faux Hawk

Download Not-So-Faux Hawk
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Someone over on My Sims 3 Blog mentioned something about making a mohawk that wasn't falling over, and somehow that translated into me making the following set of hairs. Maybe it's just me, but there does seem to be a lack of 'non-mainstream' type clothing and hair for TS3...

At any rate, tonight I made 4.75 new hairs.

Follow me through a post-apocalyptic alley to a rusty door for some previews... )


So what's the .75 hair all about? Well... apparently WesH's plugins still occasionally want to mess with me.

Wherein my tablet writing skillZ are shown... )

And now for something completely different...

I'm also working on some new jeans for the boys in a cuffed style.

The cats took these pre-previews and hid them under the bed... )
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I had to rescue a santa-less participant of the GoS secret santa, and now that they've gotten their gift, I'm happy to share it with everyone.

First up, I converted Nouk's Mohawk for the Ladies from TS2. With a little tweaking, I made a male version of it as well.

Previews buried under frozen chicken legs in the freezer... )

Then I did a conversion of sorts of a Rock Band 2 punk leather jacket I'd done in TS2. I did four different styles. It also comes with a default replacement mesh for the leather jacket found in TS3, as I thought the original was way too boxy.

And these previews are behind the towels in the linen closet... )

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Here you go: one shortened conversion of Raon 13. It's available for teens-elders, and I really have very little else to say about it.

Unedited in-game previews. )

One known issue Two known issues on this mesh... once in awhile the alphas like to go wonky, so you may get a small black void. You can sort of see the worst of this in the above previews, but I honestly don't think it makes the mesh unuseable.

Second known issue... )

As usual, do whatever you want with this as long as you keep it off paysites. Light heroes on fire, hit walls, don't tire.

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I have a few things to get off my chest, but I'll start with the download that I'd managed to completely fuck up yesterday. (No, shockingly it wasn't actually supposed to show up as a totally different mesh!)

We all need more male hair, right? And 'normal' male hairs are few and far between, right? So... here's one. I did a version of this for TS2 originally, in as much as I retextured the TS2 K&B hair, so I decided to convert it.

Unfiltered previews this-a-way... )

This is for Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Males. It looked goofy on females, and I don't much feel like putting the effort into reshaping the mesh for them.


Standard CC TOU apply, so do whatever the hell you want with this as long as you keep it off paysites. As I spitting splitting blood red breaking windows in my heart.


And now, an open letter to the people on My Sims 3 Blog: )

tl:dr -
For those who can give feedback without using words like 'shit' and 'ass,' thank you! The rest of you aren't doing yourselves any favors.
Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."



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