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[personal profile] gelydh and I make a pretty damned good team. She figured out the mtlsrc needed so my wall writing meshes would allow both multilayerability and gradient alphas, and I did all the fiddly work applying her find to all our previous wall writings.

Granted, we still have conversations like this:

Gelydh: 'What's wrong with you, man? It used to be about the music!'
Me: 'Slag off!'

Even the previously multilayerable writings have been updated, which allows them to have much smoother edges.

The great news about this is it means it'll be so much easier for people to do recolors of these, since there's only the one 'version' of the meshes now. I can finally get around to finishing up the tutorial for recoloring these and trim a good chunk of it out. For real this time.

Here are the links to the wall writings, all of which have been updated:

Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Mad Girl - Six Emilie Autumn Lyrical Wall Writings
Two-Tile Wall Art - Harry Clarke
I Hate Vans - Left 4 Dead Wall Writing
Release the Glitch - Artzybasheff's Neurotica Wall Art
wall writing - assortment
Hanging Around - Half-Height Wall Writing Mesh: Signs

If you're like me and you combine your packages to reduce lag, you can go ahead and just reimport these into your combined package. I've done it myself without any issues.
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There were problems reported with the master file of the cardboard box robots (Gelydh - Object - Cardboard Robots - 01.package)! Please redownload the fixed file from the original post or here!

Sorry for the trouble!
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It would appear I'm having one of those weeks...

I missed out on a very easy fix for the updated violin set I posted yesterday. If you downloaded them before, please redownload them as I've now fixed the 'corrupted' problem.

I think they're really, seriously completely fixed up now.
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I recompiled the MLODs and MODL on these so they have a better 'grab' area, deleted the custom thumbnails as they were rendered obsolete by this action, and removed several redundant _IMG files.

If you're happy with the files you have, you really don't have to snag these.

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I've been over-using my other wall writing, so I made some more. This set has Emilie Autumn lyrics.

My faith in this world is a bottle of nothing... )

Found under Decorative - Wall Hangings, and cost nothing. Castable. Do what you want, etc, blah blah, no paysites. The beginning and the end, much closer than they seem.

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The issue with the 2304928304823 thumbnails has been fixed! Please redownload and allow these files to overwrite the ones you downloaded previously.

The walls will now be found under 'Wallpaper,' and have only a single thumbnail each. Be forewarned that, because of how this had to be done, any rooms you have decorated using the previous version will now have blank, black walls. However, you won't have a metric crap-ton of extra wall thumbnails to dig through.

These are the new default textures.


Now that I know how to get rid of all the extras, I plan on making a bunch more of these.

Thanks to joninmobile on MTS for the fix!
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Just wanted to let everyone know I've (finally) managed to get my no-drift freecam mod in .package format. This means no more backing up of files, losing them, having to dig around for them when it's time to patch your game, etc. etc. etc. Just install this as you would any other custom content, and make sure to reinstall the original VideoCamera.ini (typically goes in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini).

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Minor update on the female boots I released last week... seems I forgot to put in the lod3 mesh, so they'd vanish if you zoomed out too far. Note to self: no more making CC when on crack, unless it's the really good stuff.

Grab the fixed file here and let it replace the old version. (The file has also been updated in the complete set rar.)

Hope everyone had a great xmas if celebrating, and a great general friday if not!
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A couple of things today, first being the male version of the female boots I released yesterday. They're available for Young Adults through Elders, and I would like to eventually get both genders done for teens as well. (It's amazing how actually playing the game has had an effect on the custom content I create...)

Like the female boots, these have three recolorable channels.

Unfiltered previews hidden in the crawlspace below the house... )

Do whatever you want with these, just keep them off paysites (including TSR). When machines in your room can't survive and all your devices stand by, you'll never know why.



Next up concerns a shine issue with quite a few of the hair meshes I've released. Unfortunately, I didn't even realize this was an issue until this morning -- partly because it's almost unnoticeable on paler sims, and even on darker sims isn't very apparent in-game. Still, it annoys me to no end to release something that isn't as good as I can make it, so I'll be going back and attempting to fix the hairs that are messed up.

I've been able to fix it on the Sussi conversion I posted yesterday, but I have no idea what exactly it was that went wrong. I ended up having to completely rebuild the package in order to get rid of the face shine, so if you downloaded and installed the Emilie Autumn sim, you'll have to manually change her hair over in order to get it to show up.

Download Fixed Sussi 1600

Speaking of the Emilie Autumn sim, I've uploaded a sims3pack of her, as per my SS's request. If anyone would rather download and install that version of her, snag it here.

Which leads me to something else I wanted to bring up, but kept forgetting to. I've noticed quite a few CC creators making their items available in both .package and .sims3pack versions, and I'd like to state right now that neither myself nor [personal profile] gelydh have any plans to do the same. Sims3packs aren't any more immune to causing the dreaded game lag than package files are, so it seems like a tremendous waste of time for us take on a project like that. As far as we know, none of the items we've made cause lag. (And of course, if anyone found anything of ours that did, we'd want to know about it right away!) If you're one of the people whose game doesn't seem to like .package files any more, I suggest you head over to MTS or MATY to see if there's a fix for your problem. (Sorry if this comes across as a bit harsh.)
Tristan: "I didn't think you could come up with something like this on your own. Although 'Club Crimsyn' is something I could see you having a hand in."
Chris: "The 'Y' makes it hip."
Tristan: "Yes, if you say so."



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