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Someone over on My Sims 3 Blog mentioned something about making a mohawk that wasn't falling over, and somehow that translated into me making the following set of hairs. Maybe it's just me, but there does seem to be a lack of 'non-mainstream' type clothing and hair for TS3...

At any rate, tonight I made 4.75 new hairs.

First up is an almost-straight conversion of the TS3 male mohawk for females. I really, really like the mesh for this, and simply fitted it to a female head and gave it a new texture (by the very-missed Liegen)..

Then, I thought 'Oh... it'd be nice to make this a bit shorter!' And so I did.

After that, I knew it had to be done for males as well.

Things started to get more involved after the straight conversion, and I took on creating a 'Chelsea' style for the girls. I hacked the hell out of a Raon mesh for this.


So what's the .75 hair all about? Well... apparently WesH's plugins still occasionally want to mess with me.

I'm going to attempt to recreate this entirely from scratch again tomorrow. It looks really good in milkshape.

And now for something completely different...

I'm also working on some new jeans for the boys in a cuffed style.

There's some baaaaaad uv mapping happening at the waist, but otherwise, I'm quite pleased with how these have turned out.
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