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This is a conversion of a TS2 set by Padre333, as well as the sewing machine from the TS2 FreeTime expansion pack (obviously, it's non-functional). It was requested by Aikea and it turned out nice, so here it is for everyone else. More pictures and information can be found below the cut!


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Standard Club Crimsyn TOU apply.
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Mostly for Repulsive Desire, who I know wanted these this way. ;)

My asylum items as individual packages. Loads and loads of previews because I went a bit overboard on this.

I try to push open the door just to see what came before, but there's a body on the floor... )

Do whatever you want with these as long as you're not claiming you made them or putting them on paysites of any kind. Bed, chair, EST machine, and torture machine originally converted from Silent Hill for TS2 by kativip. Castable version textures by me mixed with original Silent Hill textures when needed. Poster textures from Left 4 Dead. Bottles and floor overlay 100% original by me. You throw away the gun. Did I tell you what's to be done? I need it to kill just one.

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I started these with the intention of releasing them for the GoS advent project, but didn't finish them before now. No big deal, really, since it's not like I really needed to have them done what with all the other elventy billion mostly-done projects I had to draw on...

Anyway, this is a conversion of Wood For Sims' TS2 'Nostalgia' living room set, which was one of my favorites. I have to say I like it in TS3 even better. It contains a sofa, loveseat, comfy chair, rocking chair, side table, single-tile coffee table, and television. (Just for the record, I didn't convert the bookshelf because I don't really like it.) Previews show default color selections.

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Found under logical categories.

Do whatever you want with these as long as you're not claiming you made it or putting it on paysites of any kind. Credit to Wood For Sims for the original meshes. Let’s start making maps out of all the dead skin...


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This was a really quick conversion I did yesterday when I actually remembered I made these for TS2. :D Basically, they're fully CAST-able, destroyed mini-blinds. They fit most windows width-wise and hopefully they'll work with the Late Night EP height-adjustment feature that allows you to move curtains up and down the walls. As it is, they do seem to work with a lot windows, EA and custom.

There are three meshes total and they all can be found under Decor > Curtains for $5. Enjoy!

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PLEASE REDOWNLOAD! There was a problem with the original .packages where they wouldn't have shown up in game. If you downloaded earlier, please redownload!

Standard Club Crimsyn TOU apply.
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Finished and posted the Cast Away Military Office set I'd been working on. Follow the link to GoS for more information and a download link, or download directly from here.
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