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Would anyone out there in happywonderland like to do me a huge favor and test these jeans for me? I'd gone into this project thinking this mesh was somehow linked with Late Night, but apparently I did too much crack when I started because now I'm not so sure.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to test these, I won't be held responsible if you combine these with other downloads. This file is in an incomplete state, and as such is subject to change before the final release. For instance, I'm not 100% done with the texture. So, basically, if you download this test version, make sure you can easily delete it if you want the final version.

Thanks so much if you feel like being my guinea pig! 8D

Mesh found! Apparently it's base game, so that's good news. I'll have a couple different versions of jeans done over the next couple of days, and then I'll officially release them.

Thanks again to everyone who helped test these for me. 8D
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