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I've been converting some items from Skyrim for use in my TS3 game, as Skyrim is all sorts of gorgeous and amazing. Thankfully, I've been ADHDing enough that by the time I was ready to release something, the high-res texture pack had come out for Skyrim so these are nicer than they would have been otherwise.

Please keep that in mind! The meshes are quite low poly, but the image textures are huge. I have a newly upgraded computer so I don't have any issues with these, but that doesn't mean that you won't. Having said that, they're not outrageously huge textures so you very well may not have any problem at all.

There are three rug variations, along with two rolled rugs. I've started a collection file, which I'm also including in the download.

3x3ish rugs. §140. Found under Decor - Rugs.

2.5x2.5 fringed rugs. §140. Found under Decor - Rugs.
Preset 2
Preset 3

4x1 runners. §165. Found under Decor - Rugs.

§35. Found under Decor - Sculptures.

§35. Found under Decor - Sculptures.




Meshes and textures from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. All I did was extract and do a bunch of resizing and converting to TS3 format. Still, keep anything you do with these off paysites.
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